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Success Skills from the Corner Office
By Success Television
1 DVD- $79.95

Success Skills from the Corner Office DVD

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Product Information

Are you facing change? Are you doing what it takes to get ahead? Do you want to motivate your employees but not sure where to begin? Are you happy with where you are in your career? Some of the greatest business leaders in our nation's history have had well-defined leadership styles that proved to be extraordinarily successful for what effective at the time.

Jack Welch ran General Electric for two decades. He slashed bureaucracy, levels of management, believed in openness, high intensity and informality with a crisp focus on people, Welch was an inspirational genius. When he ended his career at GE, the company had ascended from a market value of $14 billion to $410 billion by the of 2004. These results made GE the most valuable and largest company in the world.

This exclusive interview discusses what made Welch successful and how we can apply the same wisdom in our lives.

Totally opposite from Welch, Alfred Sloan set up and ran General Motors during the Great Depression through the 1950's. Sloan set up strong foundations with financial and management regulations and systems. Under his leadership, GM made high returns every year during the Great Depression. Sloan was dubbed an organizational genius.

Other powerful and influential business leaders are discussed in this valuable, highly motivational DVD. We learn and discuss how we can choose to change ourselves while we succeed in business and life.

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