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Success Mastery With NLP
By Charles Faulkner
7 CD`s - $59.95

Success Mastery With NLP

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Product Information

Reap the bonus and the road!

Neuro-linguistic Programming, or NLP, is a fantastic technology that opens many doors to the brain programs itself. Once you learn these patterns, you become the coder. You see that your life is not fashioned by events, but by how you translate them. With NLP, you can modify how you are affected by the past, current, and future events.

In Success Mastery with NLP, you will take a huge step advancing towards focusing on techniques for the person as a whole. You will understand how to get the most use out of your daily life while going toward your goal. You'll acquire as much satisfaction from the travel as from the reward. You will also discover how to:

* Change the self-justifications that hold you back.
* Use NLP submodalities to develop a mastery frame of mind for an unvanquishable attitude
* coordinate your various thoughts to build inner agreement and a greater level of certainty about all your decisions
* Incorporate more pleasure into your life and use joy as a focus for improving the quality of your life and work

Success Mastery with NLP is about having it all ... your dreams ... your desires ... and a better life to relish today. It is planned to aid you in deepening your own mental programs. It's like software for the brain!

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