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Take It To The Next Level: What Got You Here, Won't Get You There
By Dr. Marshall Goldsmith
6 CD`s - $89.95

Take It To The Next Level: What Got You Here, Won'

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Product Information

Let the coach to the world's top CEOs help YOU move up to a whole new level of success!

In Take It To The Next Level: What Got You Here Won't Get You There, globally-recognized executive educator, coach, and consultant Marshall Goldsmith reveals the 21 bad habits that could be ping you from rising to greater achievement, prosperity, and happiness - and causing you to suffer negative costs you aren't even cognizant of.

For each of these routines, Goldsmith recommends a simple and highly actionable substitute behavior that will have an thrilling effect on your journey for greatness. You'll discover:

* How you may be deceiving yourself when it comes to your own success
* Why feedback is so much more vital than you thought it would be, and 5 ways to go get it on your own
* What you should cease doing right now
* The future of schooling
* The special issues faced by people in charge, and how to predict and solve them
* The best time to change
* And so much more

If you are completely satisfied with your "here," Marshall Goldsmith's perceptions and lines of attack are definitely not for you. But if you are ready and willing to help some behaviors that don't work so that you can move your professional, personal, and financial satisfaction from "here" to "there" - a point where you're making more money, having more fun, and enjoying your work, relationships, and life more than ever before - Take It To The Next Level is the taser of energy you've been waiting for.

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