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How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere
By Larry King
4 CD's - $59.95

How to Talk to Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere

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Product Information

The number one factor that divides the top achievers from every- one else is strong, compelling, and confident communication skills. Knowledge and talent can get you a job, but it is the ability to speak in a confident manner to anyone, at anytime, and anywhere that can get you the top job.

You know Larry King, don't you -- a poor kid from Brooklyn, known to his friends as the "the Mouthpiece," who landed his way into his first radio job and has successfully climbed the ladder into media superstardom. King offers a wide variety of techniques, skills, and icebreakers that anyone can confidently utilize.

Listen to these tapes, and you'll learn how to:
o Begin a conversation with anyone, anytime, anywhere
o Have the confidence to realize you have the capability to be interesting to anyone
o Be so powerful that prospective clients, customers, and employers can't wait to hear what you're going to say
o Be geared up with the "greatest question ever asked"
o Act like an effective leader in business meetings
o No longer be shy and put yourself and others at ease
o Don't forget to use humor and be effective at it in social and public speaking
o Uncover the eight things the best conversationalists have in common
o Eliminate bad speaking habits
o Be effective when speaking with bosses and subordinates
o Be so clever that you convince everyone in a group to participate
o Picture yourself as successful at handling bloopers, gaffes, and other conversational stumbles with style and grace
o Be able to use "ready-made" conversational subjects with ease

Every manager, politician, educator, salesperson, and medical professional who has gained high levels of professional success has acquired skills for using the power of communication. But everyone can still acquire new ticks of the trade from the "King of Talk."

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