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The Tao of Abundance
By Laurence G. Boldt
6 CD's - $89.95

The Tao of Abundance

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Product Information

Present Western society would lead us to believe that gaining financial wealth would be the solution to all of our problems. Or would it? In this thought-stimulating program, author and Eastern philosopher Laurence Boldt takes you on a trip to uncover what your belief system is and just how much your life is being run by a misguided desire to gain peace of mind through achieving material wealth.

* Money should not cost you your soul.
* Money should not cost you your relationships.
* Money should not cost you your dignity.
* Money should not cost you your health.
* Money should not cost you your intelligence.
* Money should not cost you your joy.

What is your quest for material wealth costing you? In this unique program, you will be taken on a journey of self-discovery through reflection of the powerful teachings of the ancient Taoist philosophy. Based on the basis of solid and deep wisdom that the Tao provides, you will inherit great insights that take you from the entrapments of the constant search for happiness to an inner-directed life of peace and success. In The Tao of Abundance, you'll study and learn to use the Eight Principles for Abundant Living to your life:

* One: Realizing the wholeness of all things starts you on the path to true wealth.
* Two: Learning to receive opens the door to your ultimate good.
* Three: Following the road to least resistance brings success easily.
* Four: Passing on the energy in your life builds strength in health, perpetuates relationships, and yields wealth.
* Five: Honoring your inborn dignity and realizing your inborn abilities is the highway to real power.
* Six: Balancing Yin and Yang gets help of stress and brings peace of mind.
* Seven: Taking time to be, to grow, and to nourish your relationships gives you the intensity to persevere.
* Eight: Attaining your destiny is a matter of entrusting and encompassing the organic pattern of your life.

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