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Here are some of the testimonials that we continuously receive from customers. These are people from around the globe, of any age and from all walks of life, who took the initiative to change their existence and order from INeedMotivation.com:

* Disclaimer: Please be aware we cannot guarantee specific results and that results may vary.

"Your cd's have helped me have AWESOME SUCCESS on my job and in my conditioning, however I did not expect the anger and animosity that came with it, your cd's have helped me bust through all that and keep working hard. My wife and I love listening to I need motivation cd's every night when we go to bed. Thank You! Than You! Thank You! You are a life changer"
Tim F. - Gold Bar, Washington *

"I bought a couple of mp3 to try them with my daughter who is in the autism spectrum, now, i buying one for each night, it's working and i just wanted to share this publicly, the sum of little things through the day, week, month, makes the difference, don't give up with your aspies!!!"
Marco Sanchez - Calgary, Alberta *

"It works! Well, having experienced your company's excellence and hypnosis mp3s have changed my life! My deepest thanks as I continue to be a loyal customer based on excellent products I can say you have not lost your edge, again many thanks!"
Isaiah McArthur - Carlyle, Saskatchewan *

"Since listening to the Subliminal Download - Success & Wealth I have a more successful business mind and now attract more wealth then ever before! It amazes me that I am more confident and determined when it comes to my business! I am coming back for more so I can tackle other areas of my life....thank you for all the effort, quality and time spent making this for us so we can grow!!" *
Katherine Oram - Warner Robins, Georgia *

"I have purchased success & wealth hypnosis download. It is really inspiring and i love listen because it really motivates me by the words. I dont how to express it."
Saif Said - Dubai, United Arab Emirates *

"I was struggling with life and being a mother...I have found new life with the enjoy parenthood. I enjoy spending time with my son and I have found that I'm a better wife also. Thank you thank you for helping be get over this hurdle in my life."
Elizabeth Ogle - Hannibal, Missouri *

"I bought the course "Weight control" two weeks ago. Almost immediately I have noticed it is easy to me not to eat sweets. Moreover, I prefer healthy food now. Thank you."
Angelica Shafikova - Moscow, Russia *

"i have bought from ineedmotivation before and i have to say you guys are good i see results as little as 5 days depending on the product but this one...oh baby i love you guys."
Isaiah Colin McArthur - Saskatchewan, Canada *

"I believe this helped me. It helped me relax and I was receptive to the affirmations. The voice was of great quality."
Amy Jared - Placentia, California *

"It made such a difference in my life. I recommend these hypnosis recordings."
Robert Gazzoli - Ontario, Canada *

"Being a skeptical person by nature, I wasn't sure if this product would work. I was pleasantly surprised at how well your Creative Writing hypnosis CD worked! Within a few days, my writing block had eased up and melted away and I was able to move ahead with my creative writing project. Your hypnotherapy CD has been e beneficial and has helped me to continue with my writing. Thank you so much!"
Paul Misch - Queens, New York *

"Thank you so much. I can't believe how excellent your products are. I really didn't know if subliminal motivation would work for me - but listening to the cd for a little over a week has made a major difference. Thank you again. Off to get myself another one!"
Amanda Tristram - London, United Kingdom *

"I have really enjoyed the weight control hypnosis cd. It helps me fall asleep quickly and I have not had the sweet cravings as much. I am choosing healthy snacks like apples, etc.. I have been listening for about 2 months off and on but now I always put it on when I want to fall asleep right away. Thanks!"
Monica Walter - Las Vegas, Nevada *

"Thank you for the high quality products that you provide to your customers. I tried using products of various sources before but I was never satisfied. Your products are AMAZING and providing help to so many people."
Fatemeh Afsharirad - Montreal, Quebec *

"This product really helped me by loosening me up and keeping my mind always focused on not gambling which is what I sometimes forgot. Now whenever I have that problem i just play this cd in the background. Thank you !!"
Michal Marczak - Warsaw, Poland *

"I was so excited to receive this cd , as I really did need some extra motivation. I have only had this cd for a short time and I am already experiencing some odd but fantastic results. You really must be getting to my subconscious level! I am very pleased with the high grade of this cd. The service I received was very good and I will surely be a repeat customer! Thanks...Just wanted to let you know that I was very pleased! :o)"
Fran Townsend - Pacifica, California *

Initial Testimonial:
"I was sceptical at first since trying other providers cd's. Once received, I was impressed with packaging. Then I started using cd's and noticed that I didn't hear the soft voice in the background. The soundtracks were much more enjoyable. One of the cd's I purchased was the help control smoking. I followed the instructions and listened to the cd each morning. I had noticed on the 4th day that I was smoking less than half of my normal. By day 6 I ped smoking completely. It's been about a month and I've had no desire to smoke. I listen to the cd each week. Thank you."

Steven Skiles - Santa Clarita, California *

Follow Up Testimonial:
"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the high quality products that you provide to your customers. I tried using subliminal products of various types from various sources over a two year period and was less than satisfied. I found that the cd's I purchased were not very clear and seemed to be less than effective in helping me with the issues that I had purchased them for. One of the things that I noticed was that if you listened closely you could usually pick up the voice of someone speaking. It was usually very soft but was definitely there. In a last attempt, I found your website. One of the things I noticed is your fully detailed write-up of the various types of cd's that you had and how they affected the listener. Therefore I decided to give it one last effort. One of the first things I noticed was that the soundtracks were very pleasant and that I didn't hear anyone speaking no matter how closely I listened, and believe me I tried. At first I figured they wouldn't work because I couldn't hear voices. I figured they couldn't work if I didn't hear anything. Well one of the first cd's I purchased was the help control Smoking cd. I decided to follow the directions and listen to it daily. Since I had smoked a pack and a half a day for over 25 years, I actually listened to it twice a day. After about three days of this I noticed that I was smoking less than a pack a day. So I continued to follow the routine. Within a week I didn't want any cigarettes anymore. I actually found that I didn't like the taste any longer. Needless to say I was impressed. I continue to listen to the cd about once a week and I have no cravings. I started thinking about the fact that I couldn't hear the voices and came to the conclusion that, that is the way it is suppose to be. How can a subliminal cd help me if I can hear the voice? I realize that subliminal is just that. Something that you don't know is happening. I have since purchased about 20 various cd's ranging from self confidence to weight loss. I must say that so far I am extremely impressed with the quality and results. A few years ago my life spiraled after a 24 year marriage ended. I had lost all self esteem and confidence in myself but with the help of your cd's I finally feel like I'm getting control of my life back. Thank you again!"

Steven Skiles - Santa Clarita, California *

"I always have a hard time getting up and exercise. after listening to Learn to Love Exercise I notice I have been at the gym more often. thanks."
Jacquelynn Wong - Los Angeles, California

"I purchased four CDs a week ago and started using them every morning at my computer. They were: Release Negative Energy Hypnosis; Mind Control Influence Brainwave; Love Cleaning Neatness Spiritual; I had been struggling to get motivated and with self-confidence in setting boundaries with close friends. Within ONE DAY I began getting organized and cleaning house and enjoying it! I couldn't believe myself but was thrilled. I was able to deal with manipulative friends in an assertive way without being angry! I have been diagnosed with Adult ADD, PTSD and depression and this works way faster and more effectively than toxic drugs and a lot cheaper too! I'm just so grateful for this company that has the best prices, is a very fast shipper and offers MP3 download bulk discounts as well. Thank you Ineedmotivation.com! Your products have given me so much hope and joy!"
Joy D. Thompson - Wenatchee, Washington *

"I'm very happy that I ordered your course. I am finding myself eager to jump out from the bed in the morning and start a day feeling motivated, energetic and driven. Your product is great!!! I am looking forward to purchasing more products from you real soon."
King Yoong Cheah - Vietnam *

"I recently purchased the "Help with Nail Biting" self-hypnosis CD. After just a week, I have noticed (and so has my husband) that I no longer have the inclination to pick or bite at my nails. I can't believe how quickly it worked! Usually, on long driving trips, I am constantly picking at my nails. Today, after travelling 2 1/2 hours each way, I barely touched them. And most importantly, I didn't have to convince myself not to, I just didn't even feel compelled to do it! That's amazing! I am 38 years old, and I don't ever remember NOT biting my nails. Thank you so much for this new found freedom from this nasty habit!"
Dawn Dibert - Altoona, PA *

"I just recieved my cd and I love it. It's the "NEW DAWN" New Age Guided Meditation. I haven't felt that relaxed in a long time. Thank you, Betty"
Betty Raj - The Villages, Florida *

"Hello I just wanted to give you some personal experience feedback. I purchased your Help with Depression Self Hypnosis CD and I have to say it is amazing I cannot do without it. However I also tried your rapid weight loss cd and I have to say it was very difficult to think of someone who had lost weight without starving or surgery. I thought that little womanly tip might help when you record your next weight loss cd. God Bless and thank you again for the help Depression Self Hypnosis CD it is truly amazing! You definitely have a gift from God."
Kim & family - New York, NY *

"The Wealth and Success Subliminal CD I purchased is a very high quality product. I'm glad I ordered this CD because I believe it works. I look forward to ordering other "I Need Motivation" CDs on financial success to compliment the subliminal technique. Also, I enjoy the music that's recorded on the CD. I play it at work and my co-workers also enjoy it. Many Thanks!!"
Raymond Williams - Silver Spring, Maryland *

"After a few days of listening to the subliminal procrastination course, I found myself finally just getting things done. Thanks!"
Jenn - La Puenta, CA *

"I have always struggled with procrastination, but after listening to the subliminal messages disguised in soothing ocean sounds, I was eager to work on my projects! Keep up the great work!"
Lea McDonald - Tampa, FL *

"Just a HUGE thank you. I had read once that Princess Di underwent hypnosis to help with biting her nails. I do not know what made me choose this website for my nail biting habit, but after 25 years of biting and picking at my nails half way down my nail bed- and endless applications of artificial nails--I have pretty natural nails. My family thought I was crazy for ordering the CD-even my husband who said I was too pretty to have nails like that- he is not laughing now! Thank you, thank you! It is a miracle!!! Sincerely,"
Lynn Rothenbach - Sarasota, FL *

"Hi! I started using your help control smoking subliminal about 2 months ago and I have not smoked for nearly a month now and I haven't really been counting either! I just got to a point where I couldn't stand smoking any longer, even though I fought against it for a while. Thank you very much, My whole attitude towards cigarettes has changed. It's not easy but I can do it."
Annette - Queensland, Australia *

"I have purchased several of your subliminal and brainwave entrainment courses...some of them downloads...some of them actual CD's. My most successful course was the one that helped me to control smoking after 30 years! I have ped smoking before, but I was always tempted when I was out with my friends or family who smoked. Well, one cigarette would lead to another....and pretty soon I was out buying a pack of Marlboros! I have a birthday coming up on the 18th of this month...February. Last year, on the 17th, I gave myself a very special birthday present by ordering the download about ping smoking. The next day, I marched into work and ceremoniously destroyed an unopened pack of Marlboros in front of everyone. I have not smoked even ONE cigarette since then, because I am a non-smoker so why would I want a cigarette anyway? I'm not saying I didn't have any physical withdrawal symptoms.....I felt kind funny for a couple days and now my body is just finally feeling normal, so I'm ready to lose that 20 lb I picked up in the past year. Funny...the men don't seem to notice my extra weight. They just see me as healthy and vibrant...loving life. Thank you soooooo much for giving me some extra years!"
Valerie Erwood - Los Angeles, California *

"Very soothing courses ;) I completely ped biting my nails! Thanks a bunch!!"
Luke Gaber - Roblin, Manitoba *

"I want to say that you have a very nice looking site, and your course selection is fantastic! It helped me alot to control smoking, and now I got my wife using them and she loves it. All the best!"
Adam Cocherell - Fridley, Minnesota *

"Thank you so much for offering such great course titles. I find the braiwave courses so nice to listen to, and they work amazing. I will be back for more without a doubt!"
Christine Liem - Maryville, Tennessee *

"Just want to say that shipping was very quick, items arrived in perfect condition, and the packaging is great. Thank you very much for your immaculate service. I will definitely recommend your company to my friends."
Susan Bischoff - Lincoln, Nebraska *

"AWESOME!! Your suggestions are incredible! I am so happy to finally find courses that have such powerful messages. You are extremely skilled at putting together suggestions that will have an impact and that will be effective. It's very rewarding to know that I am listening to such great statements. Your courses are superior, thank you and keep up the great work!"
Sean Norgel - Newmarket, Ontario *

"My 3rd order, and everything is always perfect! Thank you for the great support"
Edward Hartey - Lynchburg, Virginia *

"I'm very happy I ordered your course. It got me pumped up to start living my life the way it was meant to be. Very happy I found your site."
Daniel Leonard - Ottawa, Ontario *

"Thank you for the excellent self help and subliminal courses. Very pleased with my purchase! I plan on coming back for more real soon :)"
Steve Darling - Shorewood, Illinois *

"I want to thank your company for dealing with me in such a professional manner. Your service is as beautiful as your site!"
Gregory Suddreth - Baltimore, Maryland *

"I have had a weight problem ever since i started at my new job. Coming home tired and not being as active as before, has made me add e a few pounds! I ordered your weight control hypnosis cd, being skeptical about the whole hypnosis thing, but i am very happy to inform you that I have lost 9 pounds in the first week! This has completely changed the way i perceive my life! thank you!!!"
Lori Fitch - Calgary, Alberta *

"I have said goodbye to my stress and anxiety attacks, ever since i have been using your stress relief course. This is making life much more enjoyable for me and especially my husband!"
Robyn Mackinnon - Montclair, New Jersey *

"I have very much enjoyed your course on starting up a business. It has guided me into the right direction, and i am very confident into what i am building up so far. I will recommend you to many friends, thank you again."
Holly Tataryn - Mount Vernon, New York *

"Your support is really great. Finally a self help site with real people that care and that answer your concerns immediately. I will certainly do business with your company again."
Marvin Holman - Waterbury, Connecticut *

"All I have to say is Awesome! Course arrived very quickly, and I love what i am hearing so far. Got plenty of content to go through still, but this is a terrific start!"
Manuel Dumdum - Philippines *

"Thank you for taking care of my concerns promptly and with care. I understand why your site is #1. Best of luck to you all, and I will see you very soon!"
Thomas Clark - Hope, Idaho

"I have ordered your mental strength self help course and i would like to express my gratitude towards you for making a really good course that was easy to follow, and that touched upon certain areas of my mind that needed help desperately. I'm a new man, and feel like nothing can me. Thanks!!"
Dan Cloutier - St-jerome, Quebec *

"I want to tell everyone that has doubts before ordering...DO IT! It's totally worth it. I have ordered 6 courses and a few more for my friends. You will not be dissapointed, the quality and the service is the best out there. Good luck to you all."
Joshua Algaze - Huber Heights, Ohio *

"I love your variety in content and type of products. Your site is turning into a one shop for all self improvement needs, it's wonderful! take care."
Dean Kiselbach - Cheyenne, Wyoming *

"Shipping is quick, safely packaged, and discreet. I appreciate that my privacy is respected, and that I am giving top notch service. I have nothing bad to say, a satisfied customer here!"
Barbara Wilson - Kingston, Ontario *

"Your website is one of my favorite!! Keep up your amazing work, your courses are amazing. You have a loyal client in me."
Orysya Pilliouk - Athens, Alabama *

"Being an artist that perform on stage in front of audiences on a regular basis, it's kinda odd that i developed stage fright, but i had to find something to help me with this. Your course helped me feel comfortable and at ease before i go out there and do my thing, and this has made my experiences so much more enjoyable. I highly recommend your courses to anyone out there."
Jennifer Anderson - Los Angeles, California *

"High quality all the way. Everything was exactly as described. I would definitely buy from again! Thank you so much."
Jim Watkins - Little Rock, Arkansas *

"I would like to thank you for a smooth online transaction. CD got here fast, and it's exactly what i was looking for. I greatly recommend your site to anyone that wants to change their life."
Denise McMahon - Jacksonville, Florida *

"I had very good communication with customer support. All my emails were answered quickly and they helped me choose the right course for my situation. Can't thank you enough!! I will be back for more, that's a promise!"
Brad Tieman - Kentwood, Louisiana *

Each individual agreed to have their testimonial posted with their name . We do not post testimonials with the person's names without their full consent. We respect our clients' privacy & wishes.

* Disclaimer: Please be aware we cannot guarantee specific results and that results may vary.

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