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The Discovery
By Dr. David Hawkins
6 CD's - $89.95

The Discovery

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Product Information

running after enlightenment and discover the direct path to God today!

David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D, has put in many miles along the outermost edges of spiritual evolution for more than forty years. From calling on God when he was on the edge of death to living as a hermit for 12 years to center on spiritual study and meditation, Dr. Hawkins is a true spiritual warrior.

Now, Dr. Hawkins, the creator of the spiritual power ground-breaking program that allows you to reach illuminated states using the well-established science of muscle-testing, has created his most transformational plan yet.

In The Discovery: Revealing the Presence of God in Your Life, Dr. Hawkins gives critical "insider" information that provides an easy simple clarity for "being" and "living" the reality of the secret in your daily life. He provides an instruction guide for the serious spiritual devotee for learning how to:

* Experience the presence of God in the "ordinary" moments of your life.
* Start to practice contemplation - a better form of spiritual awakening than meditation - in your daily life.
* Let God play an active partner in shaping your daily life.
* Recognize false teachers from those who really want to teach you.
* Fend off some of the dark, spiritual traps on your journey.
* Undo and unload your mind so you can come alive to the existing enlightenment that is already in and around you.
* Address the demands that modern life places on you as you search for the inner/spiritual pathway.
* Give up your ego's dependence to what it comprehends to be the world.

The Discovery lifts a veil in your consciousness to highlight a world of magical divine realisms that are happening to you every day of your life. By practicing Dr. Hawkins' ideas, you won't only "know about" spiritual realities by perusing the works of great spiritual mystics, you will "know" that such spiritual realities exist.

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