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Training the Mind, Healing the Body
By Dr. Deepak Chopra
12 CD's - $169.95

Training the Mind, Healing the Body

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Product Information

Over the past decade, mind body medicine has been overturning the way we think about our health. Millions of people are learning that their thoughts, their feelings, and their physical well being are closely connected- and this is changing the way we eat, exercise, work, and even relate to one another.

Since the time of the ancient Greeks, Western medicine has looked at the body from a worldly-minded perspective, and explored every problem with a material-based solution such as drugs and surgery. But, through the insights of Dr. Deepak Chopra, David Simon, and other pioneers of mind body medicine, it's become apparent that if we want to change who we are, we simply must move in new directions, open our experiences to new translations, and awaken our senses to the new perceptions that await us.

Training the Mind, Healing the Body offers an unusual all-including approach to all aspects of the mind body connection, including insights drawn from the Indian life science Ayurveda. During this 24 session program, you'll learn how to:

* Incorporate the healing traditions of the East with the latest practical discoveries of Western science
* Modify the way you eat-or even when you eat-to create greater mental and physical energy
* Get a good night's sleep nightly
* Pinpoint what makes you uniquely different from anyone who has ever lived.
* Exercise wiser, not harder
* Go into the silent spaces between your thoughts to create a refreshing sense of alertness
* And much more!

Over the years that they've worked together, Dr. Simon and Deepak Chopra have instituted a shared vision of what good health means and how to put it within the reach of every human being. Training the Mind, Healing the Body is the full actualization of
that vision.

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