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Transform Your Body... Naturally!
By Dr. Mark Stengler
7 CD's - $99.95

Transform Your Body... Naturally

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Product Information

Let America's Natural Physician™ Dr. Mark Stengler Coach You to Better Health - with Today's Energy Medicine!

Join renowned physician Mark Stengler, MD, the author of the very popular Bottom Line Natural Healing newsletter as he details his proven system for weight loss, vitality, and overall wellness that comes from the healing practices of homeopathy, herbs, supplements, natural hormones, exercise and more!

While natural medicine is becoming a true favorite practice in America, few doctors have the training and experience that Dr. Stengler does with homeopathy and other forms of natural medicine. That's why, in this empowering audio program Transform Your Body … Naturally!: Join the HealthCare Revolution with America's Natural Physician, Dr. Stengler uncovers:

* The six rules of holistic wellness
* Diet and nutrition: basics of great health
* The top 22 proven herbal curatives
* Homeopathy: realizing today's energy medicine
* The top 28 nutritional supplements
* The staples of exercise for longevity
* The 8 super foods you must include in your diet
* The reality of healthy relationships health
* Eliminating fat better and how to fight weight gain
* The major traps of pharmaceutical drugs
* Natural prostate renovators
* Natural ways to clean out your arteries
* Nature's top cancer fighters
* Hormone balancing aids for men and women ... and so much more!

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