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Transforming Debt into Wealth
By John Cummuta
6 CD's - $99.95

Transforming Debt into Wealth

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Product Information

Transforming Debt into Wealth will guide you in learning how to focus every dollar you're now using on debt payments toward building your wealth. And even better, it will show you how to do all of this with the money you are already earning!

In addition to getting and remaining out of debt, Transforming Debt into Wealth will show you how to reach REAL financial freedom. You'll also learn easy, no-hassle tactics for investing your money for long-term growth. And without debt pulling you down, you'll be amazed at how quickly you can accumulate a fortune!

Believe it or not, after their obligations have been paid off, most people can retire in about 5 to 7 years - and they can attain this using the money they are already bringing home! Far from being a lottery or a "get rich quick" scheme, this is a rock-solid plan - a formulation that will absolutely work for you - a formulation that will take you from debt to wealth.

Listen to Transforming Debt into Wealth today and get on the path to REAL financial independence.

You'll Learn:

* How and why you've been led astray and taken advantage of your entire life by a system developed to keep you in a prison of debt.
* How to halt car dealers from picking your pockets.
* Why mortgage interest deductibility is the "Tax Shelter" falsehood.
* How to figure exactly when you'll be completely free of debt and when you'll be able to retire.
* Particular ways to decrease daily shopping expenses without giving up the things you want most.
* A simple, low-risk/high-return strategy for "stress-free" wealth building.
* How to retire early, with your investments furnishing all the income you need.
* How to define the "American Dream" so as to fit your personal visual sense of success and happiness.
* And more!

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