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True Balance
By Sonia Choquette
11 CD's - $99.95

True Balance

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Product Information

Just think; your body has seven spiritual energy centers, or chakras. Attaining health and happiness is just a matter of bringing the chakras into equilibrium. True Balance is an all-new program by famous teacher Sonia Choquette that introduces you to this "anatomy of your soul" and coaches you in how to bring your chakras into balance so that you can worry less, enjoy life more, and come from a place of power and love more often.

In this sensible and practical program, you'll learn about the physical and emotional facets of your life that each chakra rules, how to recognize the signs of unbalance in each one, and what you can do to reconstruct balance. Sonia offers more than 75 easy, practical and fun things that will bring more peacefulness, joy, and wellness into your life, chakra by chakra, and help you to …

· Generate physical surroundings that nurture your soul
· Display a sense of power and authority
· Get more romance and sensuality into your life
· Remember your dreams and put them into use to improve your life
· Unearth the sacred in everything you see and do
·And much more!

When your chakras are balanced, your life assumes magical proportions. You come across more instances of synchronicity … things seem to just "go your way" … you're filled with a sense of a deep peace and inner joy … you feel healthier and look incredible! Get your soul into balance, and uncover a powerful and enlightened new way of living. Order True Balance today!

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