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Truth vs. Falsehood
By Dr. David Hawkins
6 CD's + 1 DVD - $119.95

Truth vs. Falsehood

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Product Information

After doing a 29-year study, Dr. David Hawkins developed a ground-breaking science of consciousness that uncovered that degrees of truth reflect concordant calibrated planes of consciousness on a scale of 1 to 1,000.

In Truth vs. Falsehood, Dr. Hawkins puts this before you with the simple, instantaneous procedure that, like litmus paper, differentiates truth from falsehood in a very few seconds.

You'll discover that Truth and Reality can't hide the truth from you, and everything that is now or in the past, even a thought, is identifiable and calibratable from the all-pervading field of Consciousness itself.

After hearing this program, you'll be able to:

* Jump the canyon between what something is and what you think it is.

* Become decisive much more quickly and with greater peace of mind.

* Throw away the illusions that have been keeping you from true happiness and nirvana.

* Tell which companies, spiritual modalities, foods, books-and everything else-function from the highest levels of Truth.

* Amplify your spiritual energy and in so doing help raise the energy of others just by being in their presence.

* Quickly decide if a project will work before you invest money, time, and energy into it.

* Instantly distinguish the level of honesty of any teacher, business, investment, politician, business associate, witness, lawyer, or crime suspect.

* And much more!

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