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A View from the TOP
By Zig Ziglar
6 CD's - $129.95

A View from the TOP

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Product Information

"I believe that persistent effort, supported by a character-based foundation, will enable you to get more of the things money will buy and all of the things money won't buy." - Zig Ziglar

Zig Ziglar has committed his life to teaching people the art of successful living. Multitudes of individuals credit their success in life to having attended a Zig Ziglar lecture, listening to a Zig Ziglar audio program or maybe delving into one of his inspirational books. Yet, even with the incredible impact Zig has had on others, he himself has understood that "being successful" is only part of life's demanding situations. He has come to the realization that success very often can be a short-lived high. Zig agrees that success is worth it, but it is not enough. The next thing to do is to move from success into significance.

A View from the Top is the next chapter in Zig Ziglar's ongoing personal journey of self-discovery. Tune in as Zig shares with you his most intimate discoveries as to what he personally has discovered to be the most important elements of a truly meaningful life.

As Zig delves into the how and whys of living life with values, character, honesty, integrity and sensitivity, you'll begin to understand how to be more at peace with yourself, accomplish more with your skills and abilities and tap into what life is really all about. Be ready as A View from the TOP coaxes you into making that all-important commitment to be the best you can be and coach you that if you will see and continue to build up what you already have - what you can and will do just may be surprising!

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