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Vital Living from the Inside-Out
By John Abdo
4 CD's + 1 DVD - $89.95

John Abdo's Vital Living from the Inside-Out

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Product Information

John Abdo is an expert in weight training, aerobics, polymetrics, fat loss, athletic strength training, health and nutrition. He is the co-host and co-producer of the popular weekly fitness television series Training and Nutrition 2000 which John implemented in 1985. John is the personal training of choice for legions of athletes, fitness enthusiasts, health seekers and people who desire to feel super about themselves. His multitudes of "Doers" (as John's fans are affectionately called) have made John Abdo a household name when it amounts to staying in shape the most beneficial, fastest, and easiest way possible.

Among some of the things you'll learn in John's program are:

* Myths and realities of fitness and nutrition
* Taking personal inventory of yourself
* How to stay motivated when you're feeling complacent
* How to keep a good attitude even in the face of adversity
* Setting up a fitness routine that fits your schedule
* Simple diet changes to make without being radical
* Rewarding yourself for a job well done!
* John's 'Brain-Waving' Technique for high self-esteem
* Accepting the "Doer Challenge"

John's mission is to help people become healthy from the inside out, including body, mind and spirit. Health and energy are imperative to live a prosperous life, not simply just to look good. We need enormous amounts of mental and physical health and energy in whatever activities we choose. John's program will help individuals to reach the success they yearn for in any area of their life.

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