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The Wealth Machine
By John Cummuta
8 CD's - $109.95

The Wealth Machine

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Product Information

With the growing explosiveness of the business world, now is the time to cut your chains from being just a passenger in someone else's business to becoming pilot of your own. By following the step-by-step process that John has carefully planned for you, you will find yourself among the increasing number of winning entrepreneurs who experience both financial and personal triumph … and in record time! Here are just some of the gains that you will benefit from when you start your own business:

* Current tax laws favor you as a business owner over a wage-earner.
* You inherit greater creative and financial control over your life.
* You revel in the prestige of being a successful entrepreneur.
* You anticipate the adventure of doing something few people even attempt.
* You design the look, feel, and personality of your business to match you and the life you desire to live.
* You pick who you work with.
* You tune into the sound waves when your business succeeds.
* You create the definition of what success is for you!

In this powerful step-by-step business-building system you'll learn:

* Why your own business can be the BEST means for building personal wealth.
* How to shift from being an employee to an entrepreneur with ease.
* How to select the right kind of business for you.
* How to ensure you have all the skills and resources to succeed.
* The most important fundamentals of a winning business plan.
* How to pull together and keep a winning team.
* Where to search out capital.
* What the government expects from your business.
* Which advertising media are more likely to be effective.
* How to change prospects into customers and customers into repeat clients.
* How to write killer direct-mail packages.
* How to transition your marketing into an automatic Sales Machine.
* and much, much more!

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