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Getting Things Done with Work-Life Balance
By David Allen
7 CD's - $99.95

Getting Things Done with Work-Life Balance

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Product Information

Set your path free of obstacles and stress while being super-productive home and at the office!

Productivity Guru, David Allen designed a radical 5-phase system that anyone can use automatically. The key of this system is David's powerful premise: Our ability to be generative is strongly correlated to our ability to relax.

In David Allen's newest program, he takes you by the hand and help s you create this unique system. And once you do, you'll instantly be more calm and help of stress, feel more in control of your life, and essentially be at the top of your game! ALWAYS.

It's this calm, stress-free atmosphere that drives a non- release of creative ideas and a new level of productivity. David Allen's Getting Things Done brand has assisted people all over the country find the fastest and easiest way to do more. Now it's your turn. Take a peek at what you'll discover:

* How to develop a "mind like water" so that nothing can send you into panic
* How David's 6 Horizons of Focus keeps you striving to achieve your goals (short term and long term) by keeping them always present.
* Why you should not depend on your BlackBerry, PDA, or Daytimer.
* How to eliminate your email inbox LIGHTINING FAST!
* How to monitor your projects and priorities on put them on CRUISE CONTROL with David's 5 Stages of Control
* How a mere TWO MINUTES can do away with HOURS of cherished time each and every week.

And to top it all off, the master of Getting Things Done, David Allen, invites YOU to walk in his shoes and see exactly how he spends an entire day! Are you ready to begin?

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