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Your Secret Wealth
By Jay Abraham
6 CD's - $79.95

Your Secret Wealth

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Product Information

After you hear this program you'll learn how to easily, immediately and constantly get personal profits and all the abundant wealth you wish out of your life, out of your job, out of your own business or any business with which you are affected.

Once you implement the secret wealth process you will become liberated from all the fear, the uncertainty, the daily issues and stresses and the troubles you've previously struggled with all your life.

You'll derive total control over your financial conditions, your emotional conditions, your career and your wealth.

You'll learn to switch your focus from your own needs to the needs of other people, learning to add value and modify the way others see you, learning that wealth creation is really value creation.

The moment you decide you are open to exploration and breakthrough is the moment your wealth building process really starts to magnify.

You'll learn from the man who has successfully coached over five thousand business owners to new peaks of personal success.

Uncover the power of:

o Completely changing yourself in 30 days with the Secret Wealth Mindset
o Establishing an outward focus
o Engaging your USP (Unique Selling Proposition)
o Inheriting a "Selling Consciousness"
o Measuring yourself via the Secret Wealth Inventory Process
o Multiplying influence through relationships
o Questing for eternal integrity
o Becoming a value sensor and a value designer
o Applying leverage and optimization

If you are expending a great deal of effort and accepting a result many times less than what you're due, you are losing out on such unbelievable wealth and opportunity, it is shocking.

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