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The Zen Commandments
By Dean Sluyter
6 CD's - $79.95

The Zen Commandments

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Product Information

In this life-changing program, Dean Sluyter incorporates East and West, ancient and modern, finding viral spiritual teachings in Zen stories, the Bible, and Tibetan meditative methods, as well as American movies and pop songs. With the warmth, humor, clearness, and common sense that have made his workshops famous throughout the United States, he avoids dogma and stresses what works - a sort of spiritual street smarts.

Real spirituality is not a dream of retreating into the forest or becoming a plaster saint. It's who you already are, in the life you already live, but using the kind of practical step-by-step techniques offered here, so that day by day, moment to moment, your life becomes less stressful, more satisfying, and even more enlightened.

Among these 10 life suggestions you'll learn how to:

* Wake up to boundless inner awareness.

* Unwind into "just being" by letting go and doing nothing.

* Exercise greater kindness and compassion.

* Become the perfect student of imperfect teachers.

* Set yourself free from exaggerated worries about past and future by living in the now.

* Find simplicity by clearing your life from within.

* Practice devotion and faith for a larger sense of love and happiness.

* Let go of dissatisfaction by feeling nonexpectancy.

* Bless everyone and everything to bring a deeper peace and joy into your life.

* Disconnect the "dots of perception" to relinquish yourself from labels, limitations, and preconceived beliefs.

* Live fully and laugh deeply while being a "mensch" … and more!

Publishers Weekly has called Dean Sluyter's teaching style "joyously entertaining." In this informative audio experience he shows you that the state of limitless freedom and happiness isn't something distant or exotic. It's right here, right now, even when you're in a parking lot of traffic, mowing the lawn, or taking out the trash. Enjoy!

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