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Goals DVD
By Zig Ziglar
1 DVD - $49.95

Goals DVD

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Product Information

GOALS - Write them down and then achieve them!

To succeed, it is vital you have goals. Zig Ziglar is a master at telling audiences how to set them, how to attain them, and how to reap their rewards. He doesn't make it hard, either. On this DVD video, you get a gradual approach that you can customize to your immediate needs - one you can easily readjust as your needs change.

You'll discover:

* The seven ways to set goals used by the top three percent of the population.
* Why it's so important for mental well-being to have some large goals.
* Who to share your goals with, and who to hide them from.
* The five questions you should inquire yourself about for every goal.
* How to identify if you're serious about a goal.
* New attitudes, knowledge, aptitudes, talents, skills and habits that you establish on the way to your goals - qualities that will serve you the rest of your life.
* The importance of a winning attitude in the lives of 1,000 executives, as attested to in a recent study.

With goals you can more easily and complete reach your highest potential because goals carry you many places and allow you to experience many things. You know more, do more, have more, and are more.

Zig knows what it takes to grab success in almost any undertaking. He's achieved the top in several fields. Now he sets down his challenge to you with his confidence-building, trademark phrase, "I'll see you at the top."

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